How I Work 

While I am experienced in short-term work, my favoured approach is an 'open-ended' model, giving us the time and space to work through complex issues. 

I begin with an Initial Consultation, usually lasting 50 minutes. At the end of this, we hope to come to a mutual decision on whether to begin therapy. It may be that more than one consultation is needed, it's up to us. 

Should we decide to proceed, we then meet once a week, ideally at the same time, date and venue, to give a consistent platform from which our work can progress, though I understand work and other commitments in life can impede this. 

Due to the current restrictions around Covid-19, I am not working face-to-face until further notice. Sessions are conducted at present via Zoom or telephone. 

Although I work daytimes and evenings, Monday to Friday, at the present time (January 2021) I only have daytime appointments available. 

Please drop me an email via the Contact page on the menu, or call me on 07879 476670 and leave me a message, and I'll be in touch as soon as possible.